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Wedding Day Dog Attendant in Indianapolis

Dogs at weddings exploded in popularity over the past few years, but did you know our first wedding day dogcare service was in 2018?!

Considering dogs family is no new phenomenon and we are here for the couples who can’t imagine their wedding day complete without their dog’s involvement.

Bare minimum, your dogs need to be included in a portion of the pre or post ceremony photography so you have the best frame worthy photos for your home as you start your lives as newlyweds making your house a home.

If you dream of seeing your dog walk down the aisle or standing at the altar with your significant other as they read you their vows, then let’s make THAT happen!

We will transport your beloved fur babies to and from the venue, professionally and safely handle them while at the wedding, usher them in and out of photography and coordinate their involvement in the ceremony. Are we finished there? Nope! You deserve a stress free evening to continue celebrating your marriage, so we will provide any and all necessary care of your dogs including but not limited to feeding them dinner, providing potty breaks, a walk, snuggles on the couch until or shortly before you arrive back home for the night.

Heading off to the honeymoon? We also provide traditional petcare services so you can consider Your Day Dog Chauffeur your one stop shop for all things related to YOUR DAY!

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