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Exclusive Interview: Behind the Scenes of Indy Now TV!

Updated: Mar 26

This morning, we accompanied Phil Harper, owner of Wedding Crash Kings DJ service on live television hosted by Jillian Deam & Ryan Ahlwardt to promote an upcoming event called SHE SAID YES! which will take place Sunday April 7th at Nevermore @ Union Station, downtown Indianapolis from 6-9PM.

I was accompanied by the unofficial mascot of Your Day Dog Chauffeur, Glory, the mini golden retriever -- be sure to follow her on instagram for the cutest posts and pupdates on her life @glorytheminigolden

We talked about the benefits of a mock wedding and how this event will be both that AND a date night out for engaged couples. They will get to be guests at our wedding, enjoy complementary cocktails courtesy of Wedding Crash Kings, and experience the services of an exclusive lineup of wedding industry professionals so they can select some of the very best for their upcoming weddings!

Watch the brief segment at the link below.

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