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since 2018, Eric Levitt has serviced weddings in the greater Indianapolis area as the go-to handler & chauffeur for dog lovers of all walks of life. 

When you hire Your Day Dog Chauffeur you guarantee yourself a stress-free experience of including your dogs in the celebration of your wedding day or special event. Instead of tasking a friend or family member with the responsibility of taking care of your dogs, consider our unique service to provide the exact specifications of care.

Experience is everything with such a delicate component of your wedding day. As much as we appreciate that a friend or family member is willing to provide some assistance with your dogs, we highly recommend allowing them to enjoy the celebration of your wedding day and leave all the work to your professional vendors in each respective category. Handling dogs is a very specific skillset and it requires more than just a willingness to ensure a safe & successful dog-friendly wedding take place. Thank you for your trust! 

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