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Destination Wedding Availability

Although we are based in Indianapolis, Indiana... we are willing to travel to serve you! We have traveled to New Orleans, LA on numerous occasions for a specific pet sitting client, so this is not out of the ordinary! We travel affordably and efficiently to focus our attention on you and your dogs!

Statewide travel

Our service is in part determined by the door to door travel time involved with the completion of your booking with Your Day Dog Chauffeur. Whether you're getting married way up north in South Bend or down south in Evansville, we are willing to serve you! After mileage and approximate timeframes are determined, an accurate quote will be provided for your consideration. 

National & International

Dreaming up a destination wedding on a beach or something remote in the mountains? Can't imagine this special day without your dog(s)? We are here to support you in that! We are up for an adventure and are fully willing to bring our talents elsewhere so long as everyone receives value! Travel & Accommodations will be discussed and coordinated in cooperation with you to maximize efficiency. 

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