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Dog Handling / Dog Walking

Who better to have entrusted with your dogs on the day of your wedding than a dog industry professional who has personally walked hundreds and hundreds of dogs varying in size, breed, and strength. Holding onto your dogs is just one part of the process... but we know how to hold onto your dogs, where to walk them at the venue, how to keep them safe, healthy, and happy throughout the entirety of our time with them. We strive to help your dogs display the best behavior they possibly can so you have nothing to worry about besides your guests and marrying your best friend!

Photography/Planning Assistance

Often, your photographer or wedding planner will have been who referred our services to you. This is for multiple reasons, but ultimately because we HELP them! They want you to have the best wedding possible with the best memories that can be looked back upon for years to come. Your dogs add an exciting component to your wedding and in order for their involvement to go smoothly, there needs to be professional support & care implemented. That is where we add value! Your photographer will rely on us to ensure that your dogs are brought in and out of the photo scene as needed and their attention is focused enough to get some good shots! We are the logistical solution for your wedding plan that includes the pups!

Wedding Day Services

Make your Dream Wedding Happen by Including Your Dogs!

Safe Transportation 

One of the primary functions of Your Day Dog Chauffeur is "pet taxi" or "dog transport" services. This typically involves picking the dogs up from home and taking them to the wedding venue and returning them home safely after their involvement is complete. You can have confidence knowing that not only will your dog chauffeur be an expert dog handler, but will also have a clean driving record and take extra precautions while transporting your precious pups around town. We use special straps, clips, and harnesses to secure your dogs in the backseat of our vehicles. If they love the windows down, no problem, but we will keep the car nicely cooled down for them during our travels. 

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